Strong Yet Fragile


Strong Yet Fragile

It is important to know what your dogs are allowed to eat. You may think it is no big deal but even the smartest dog breeds in the world such as the Bernese mountain dog or the Border collie eat what they are not supposed to. You may also think that they will simply get a belly ache and be done with it but that is not always the case. Eating the wrong types of foods can be brutal to your dog and sometimes even fatal. So I have taken a few tips of what dogs can eat and what they can’t to help you keep your dog happy, healthy, and full of life. You must educate yourself on what is dangerous for your pet and what isn’t.

There are specific foods that dogs simply cannot eat. And I am not just talking about nausea and stomach ache for your pet, this is serious business. Most people know that dogs cannot eat chocolate and it could be more than just a vet trip for your pet. Some pet owners think it is okay to feed their pets human foods, even fruits and healthy selections. That is not always the right choice. Have you heard about dogs not being able to eat grapes? Many people think that is an old wives tale that dogs cannot eat grapes. So, in moderation can dogs eat grapes? The answer is absolutely not.

No one is 100% sure as to what causes this in dogs but dogs who eat grapes can put themselves through kidney failure. It is strange but it is hard to know how a dog will react to eating grapes. Some breeds of dogs have no problems consuming grapes while others have serious consequences. These dogs that suffer from kidney failure can no longer produce urine and suffer greatly for eating just a handful of grapes. No matter what type of grape they are white, red, or seedless, they can be deadly to your pet.

This also goes for your big dogs as well. The St Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds in the country. The St Bernard can be anywhere from 25-30 inches tall and between 110-200 pounds. They are a patient and calm pet and they are very devoted to their owners especially kids. However they do need to be well-socialized with children and other smaller pets. It would take a dog as large as a St Bernard 24 months or so to become a full-grown dog. Foods enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E would help to keep his bones in good shape.

Taking care of your dogs is the best thing you can do for them. Sometimes you will not know about their intolerance until after they have had a significant amount of the food. Keep an eye on your pet and make sure they do not have any tummy troubles.

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